Pastor Hibbs

“I am supporting Amy Phan West in her bid for California’s 47th district against Katie Porter. It’s been a blessing to know Amy as a friend. Amy is a proven champion of conservative values, good moral character, and strong faith. We need authentic conservative leadership to fight against those who wish to destroy the Judeo-Christian fabric of our nation on both sides of the aisle. A conservative who will fight for life, fight for our constitution, and who will bring Christ back to DC.

In Colossians 3:23, it is stated, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters…” and I believe that is Amy’s goal. She is beholden to no man but Christ himself.

It is time we take back our nation, one election at a time! I encourage you to support Amy’s campaign, and she has my full support & prayers.

Christina Shea

“America has been the shining beacon of freedom in a world of tyranny. While I still believe this to be true, some wish to extinguish the flame of liberty. As Reagan said, “freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.”
In the past several years, this extinction has been accelerated by mandates, lockdowns, and fraud while many of our representatives sat idly by and complied.

To preserve our nation and its values, we must elect conservative fighters to carry the torch. We need an individual who represents average Americans, not the political elites—someone who will not break in the face of adversity.


This is why I’m throwing my support behind Amy Phan West for Congress because she is the fighter we need!


An amazing mother, a loving wife, a shrewd businesswoman, and a true American patriot! She is the perfect example of the American Dream, and I know she is determined to protect our liberties against all threats, both foreign and domestic.


I encourage you to vote for Amy Phan West in the June primary and support liberty-minded candidates across the ballot. 

Aurelio Mattucci

“I endorse Amy Phan West for Congress. It is refreshing to see strong women with the courage to speak up. I believe Amy will be a true representative of the people, and not get sucked up into the political swamp. I stand behind Amy 100% ”

Malcom McGough

“ Amy represents the quintessential legal immigrant seeking to follow her American dream…
Amy was elected to the Central Committee because she understands the importance of local conservative leadership and that we must remove the RINOs from places of power to protect our nation. The same formula must be applied to higher office, so she has decided to take the fight to DC!

Vote for Amy because like me, she is living the American dream, a dream that has awoken me to what America means to the world. We can count on Amy to preserve this American Dream. She is a beacon of hope and light for the World to look to, to follow, and to emulate.

Russell Neal

“I would like to endorse Amy Phan West for Congress in CD 47. Amy is the unapologetic conservative in this race. Her motto of “God, Guns and, Babies” is refreshing in its plain speaking. In the present hour, when our liberty hangs by a thread, only a real fighter will do to represent us in Congress. Vote Amy!”

George Lee, Grassroots Community Organizer for CaliforniaSchoolChoice.org

“As a female immigrant myself, Amy’s message resonates with me. I thankfully did not have to escape the evils of communism in my country of birth, but I know what it is like to have been welcomed as a child immigrant to the greatest country in all of history. Like Amy, I understand and appreciate the blessings bestowed on the US and its citizens. Like Amy, I do not take this honor for granted. And like Amy, I find it imperative to defend and protect what Americans before me have fought and died for.

Because of the opportunities so freely available to anyone willing to work hard enough to embrace them, I have an immigrant success story to tell. I am a pediatric Nurse Practitioner and a School Nurse. Being part of the world of healthcare and education, I am able to appreciate what is working well and what requires change. Amy also has an immigrant success story to tell and is savvy to the world around her, understanding what is worth preserving and what warrants an about-face.
I endorse Amy Phan West because she is a candidate who personally understands and appreciates our great Nation. She is a passionate fighter who espouses personal freedom and responsibility. I support Amy because I see myself in her.”

Pastor Todd Coconato, host of “The Remnant” podcast

“I have known Amy Phan West for a long time now and she consistently lives out her values as an honorable wife, amazing mother, strong leader in the community, and person of faith and principles. I know that Amy will be the best representative of the people and take a strong stance for freedom and our constitution! Amy is a fighter and will not back down in the face of evil or tyranny. She is the kind of leader we need, especially right now. I am confident in her ability make the best decisions for our country and for her constituents. This is why I strongly endorse Amy Phan West!”

George Lee, Grassroots Community Organizer for CaliforniaSchoolChoice.org

“As a survivor of brutal communism in Vietnam and a great American patriot, Amy Phan West truly understands what radical socialism / Communism means to California and the United States of America. She is a fearless and tireless warrior fighting against the tyrannical communists to save the freedom and liberty of America. As an immigrant fleeing the Chinese Communist regime, I fully support Amy in her bidding for the Congresswoman of CD-47.”

Mark Tyler,retired United States Marine

“My name is Mark Tyler, a retired United States Marine. I support Amy Phan West for Congress, the ideal candidate for CA-47 and the best option to beat Katie Porter! Amy sticks to her Republican values, fighting for small government, lower taxes, secured borders, and a strong military. There are many wolves in sheep's clothing but make no mistake, Amy is no RINO. As a retired Marine, I understand the need for state-of-the-art equipment, superior training, and discipline. Our military has served our country for over 240 years, yet many want to dismantle this vital institution, but Amy continues to stand with our military! It is all that stands between us and the evil powers that be. I can’t think of a better candidate to represent me in Congress than Amy Phan West.”

Pastor Gheorghe Rosca Jr. New Hope Christian Ministries

"In a world that is increasingly tolerant of tyrants, we need strong leaders who understand the philosophical and moral underpinnings of our great American experiment to represent ‘we the people’ at the highest level of government. I am confident that Amy's faith in God and her family’s experience of escaping communism will keep her deeply rooted in the principles that will once again restore hope for the future of America and bring prosperity and peace to all Americans. This is a dark time for America, but also the finest hour for true patriots to stand and fight to preserve our great nation. Thank you Amy for boldly taking a stand on religious freedom, parental rights, right to life from conception, protection of our borders, and many more common sense issues!"

Dr. Michael Huang, MD

“I'd like to endorse Amy Phan West for Congress. I am a primary care physician in Northern California, and I became alarmed in 2020 by the rapid spread of Covid-19 misinformation and dismissal of evidence-based medical practices with the rapid adoption of baseless mandates rooted in fear and ignorance. I became aware of Amy’s run for Congress - fighting to restore our constitutional rights and protect our children from ill-advised health mandates from politicians that have lost contact with science and reality.

Amy is committed to protecting our democracy and has arranged for me to speak with Southern California residents to educate them on early outpatient COVID treatment protocols and strategies to protect their jobs and family from unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

I have faith that Amy will dedicate her political career to representing the people of her district and ensuring that your rights, as citizens of the United States of America, stay intact so that we can pursue our dreams of liberty, peace, and happiness.”

Sheri Miller

“I am proud to endorse Amy Phan West for Congress, 2022! A congressional candidate for District 47, Amy is a woman of integrity with a strong commitment to defend America’s constitutional freedoms, and the Judeo-Christian principles upon which our great nation was founded. Amy Phan West personally knows what happens to lives when freedom is taken away. Living under persecution of the Communist Regime, Amy’s family escaped from Vietnam to America. A legal immigrant, a wife, mother of three young sons, a small business owner, with an Associate degree in business, and a Bachelor’s degree in education, Amy understands the greatness of America! She will stand and fight in Congress for your voice and mine. Amy Phan West can defeat Katie Porter! Amy Phan West will stand in Congress to defend God, family, and country. A vote for Amy Phan West is a vote for the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Sheri Miller has served over 25 years with the prayer and advocacy ministry of Concerned Women for America (CWA). Acknowledged for her success in leading North Carolina’s get out the vote, “She Prays! She Votes!” campaign, she was the recipient of CWA’s prestigious national State Director of the Year Award. As former CWA State Director of North Carolina, Sheri hosted “Stand, Strong Together,” a conference forming a successful Christian coalition of elected officials, churches, pastors, educators, businesses, homeschoolers and families, to mobilize the state to pray and vote for leaders who represent the voice of God-fearing, freedom-loving Americans.

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