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We see the lockdown of our economy, the destruction of small businesses, the censorship of big tech, and our rights being stripped away. I raised my children here in California and our business is here in California. I am here to stay and fight.


Are you hungry for change in Calfornia? Sign-up to volunteer with the Amy Phan West team!  Join our energetic and hard-working campaign team.


Meet Amy

Her story is the American story, and it’s a dream worth saving.  Meet Amy, a constitutional conservative and business owner who is fighting for our future.

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2nd Amendment

Amy supports our constitutional right to keep and bear arms, period.


An immigrant who escaped to America from the deadly plight of communism, Amy knows first-hand that border security is national security and that immigration must be a legal process.


Education is power, but our system has been failing our children.  It’s time to put the power back in the hands of our parents and students.


Amy is a pro-life advocate who believes the family is the backbone of the American society.


Lower Taxes.  Less Regulation. More Jobs.  Let’s get the government out of the way and bring prosperity back to California!

National Security

Like Ronald Reagan, Amy believes in “Peace through Strength”, and will support our men and women in uniform by ensuring our military is the strongest, most advanced force for good in the world.

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