Enough is Enough, We must put America First.

Leftists, RINOs, and career politicians in Washington continue to destroy our nation, steal our freedom, ruin our economy and have a thirst to engage in endless wars. As a legal immigrant, wife, and mother of three wonderful boys, I’ve stepped up to join the fight to save America by running for California’s 47th Congressional seat. I will continue to fight for our future and the welfare of our children because our way of life is at stake. I would be honored to earn your support in this effort.


What I Stand For

We see the lockdown of our economy, the destruction of small businesses, the censorship of big tech, and our rights being stripped away. I raised my children here in California and our business is here in California. I am here to stay and fight.

Amy Phan West, Candidate for Congress

Pitch in to help

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Protect Right to Bear Arms

Amy supports our constitutional right to keep and bear arms, period.

Secure the Border Now

An immigrant who escaped to America from the deadly plight of communism, Amy knows first-hand that border security is national security and that immigration must be a legal process.

Fix Our Education System

Education is power, but our system has been failing our children.  It’s time to put the power back in the hands of our parents and students.

Protect the Unborn

Amy is a pro-life advocate who believes the family is the backbone of the American society.

Shrink the Size of The Government

Lower Taxes.  Less Regulation. More Jobs.  Let’s get the government out of the way and bring prosperity back to California!

Stop Endless Wars

We, the American people, have been dragged into countless foreign conflicts at the behest of the military-industrial complex. These conflicts have been hidden or lied about to us at the expense of American taxes and more importantly lives. 


Afghanistan is a prime example of this, over twenty years and what have we accomplished? 2,400 American lives were lost over a conflict that we had no more business in.  


We need to return the power of war back to Congress whereas in the Constitution it requires a formal declaration of war by our legislative branch before troops are deployed overseas. We need to advocate for foreign policy that puts “America First” and as President Washington stated, avoid foreign entanglements. 

Meet Amy

Her story is the American story, and it’s a dream worth saving. Meet Amy, a constitutional conservative and business owner who is fighting for our future.


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