Meet Amy

Her story is the American story, and it’s a dream worth saving. Meet Amy, a constitutional conservative and business owner who is fighting for our future.

Amy Phan West and her entire family escaped the vicious Vietnamese Communist regime in 1985 by stowing away in the bowels of an old fishing boat. Adrift at sea for several days and having depleted the drinking water supply, their prayers were answered when a German oil tanker rescued them.

They spent more than two years in refugee camps, first in Thailand and then the Philippines, as they sought asylum in the United States. Finally, the United States State Department granted the family’s asylum request and the Phans arrived in Huntington Beach to begin their “American Dream.”

Amy’s parents worked very hard to provide for the family. Generous support offered by local Vietnamese church organizations played an instrumental role in their successfully integrating into American society. Knowing the important value of education, all seven children attended school, graduated high school, got their higher education, and are living their American Dream.

Amy attended Orange Coast College where she earned an Associate degree in business. She wanted to become a teacher, so she attended Cal State University of Long Beach and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. As it turns out, she took a job with School’s First Federal Credit Union until she gave birth to her first son.

Married to Jeremy West since 2009, they have three young sons, ages 9, 7, and 5. Amy and Jeremy are co-proprietors of an independent rental car consortium. The adventurous family enjoys sporting activities, including camping, BMX, snowboarding, and other seasonal extreme sports.

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